Our Minister

Brother Rudolph (Rudy) Burdett

Born in Laurens, South Carolina, Rudy has been preaching the gospel for years. He currently serves as Minister of the South Greenville Church of Christ in Greenville, North Carolina and has been there since January 2002. Previously, he served as a Minister of Evangelism at the Westside Church of Christ in Greenville, North Carolina from 1997 to 2001.
A convicted believer in rescuing souls, Brother Burdett has authored a publication entitled, “When Your Faith is Tried Don’t Give Up.”. This is a book to encourage individuals to not give up when facing difficulties in life. He is currently working on two other publications: Rediscovering your mission and purpose, and a handbook for Men in Worship.

Brother Burdett was employed with two global companies Hewlett Packard for 12 years as a System Engineer and Fujustu for eight years.

He has been married to Tavondia Williams since August 23, 1997. They don’t have any biological children but they have many children and grandkids via the church.

Brother Burdett has a passion for fishing and other sporting activities, and enjoys these in his recreational time. Brother Burdett’s commitment to live in a right relationship with God, together with his helping others physically and spiritually stands in service as a firm gospel minister of the Lord’s Church.