Joshua Moss

Brother Joshua Moss

Born in Kannapolis, North Carolina, Brother Moss has been preaching the gospel for years. He currently serves as Senior Minister of the South Greenville Church of Christ in Greenville, North Carolina.

Brother Moss has had the privilege and opportunity to preach the gospel at various locations. He is a convicted believer in rescuing souls. Also, brother Moss has conducted several youth events as well as been a counselor, teacher, and speakers.

Brother Moss was employed with the school systems and taught six graders. He attempted to teach the six graders about the importance of learning and the male children about becoming a man thru his life living. He also strives to help others thru the teaching of the gospel.

He is married to a beautiful, intelligent, articulate, and loving wife named, Sadie. She is his best friend. He is a great father/guardian of three wonder children Tylik(12), Roman(12) and Vienne(7) all baptized into Christ.

Brother Moss has been taught both worldly and spiritually.

He has a passion for football and other sporting activities and enjoys these in his recreational time. Brother Moss’s commitment to live in a right relationship with God, together with his helping others physically and spiritually stands in service as a firm gospel minister of the Lord’s Church.